We drive cultural change by empowering human potential!


What we offer for companies

Cultural Change Dashboard
Get insights into your organization’s cultural change status (employee happiness, employee engagement, urgent pain-points, etc.).
Customized Advices
Customized advices help you to proactively support cultural change with appropriate actions at the right time.
Templates and Canvases
Templates and canvases produced by our in-house specialists enable your employees to prepare, facilitate and evaluate workshops to drive cultural change.

What we offer for employees

Customized E-Learning Content
Engage in customized self-learning courses and trainings produced by our in-house specialists to become a real driver of change.
Personalized Challenges
Daily challenges and advices support you forming new habits to successfully drive cultural change within your organization.
Certified Trainers and Coaches
Get connected to certified trainers and coaches for a personalized combination of digital programs, group learning, and 1:1 coaching.

Our founders

We strongly believe in a humane workplace.
Patrick Kuglmeier
Patrick Kuglmeier
Computer Scientist
Holistic Coach
I believe in a workplace shaped by self-organization, satisfaction and humanity. A workplace where organizations benefit from their people blossoming as a whole. I advocate for people finding meaning and fulfillment at work and everyone being able to contribute with their own personal strengths.
Yvonne Jesse
Yvonne Jesse
Holistic Coach
I believe every organization will benefit from empowering their employees and their human potential to create a more content working environment, where everybody can be who they are: Humans.
Pascal Betting
Pascal Betting
Computer Scientist
Software Engineer
I long for a world in which everyone starts and ends his working day with a positive feeling. In my view, this can only work with a feeling of doing something that really matters. “New Work” is a step in the right direction to reach these feelings.

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